French Provincial furniture from Classic Direct in Sydney is unique and adds character to your home. It is not boring or passé in today’s modern home. Instead, it is popular, stylish, impressive, and easy to mix and match with the most modern home atmosphere. 

You will be surprised how well French Provincial and Rococo Furniture blends with almost any type of modern décor with a little effort on your part. It is a simple matter of using these 5 ways to combine the Old World look with the Modern Era look.

Neutral Tones

The use of neutral tones is crucial for blending in with French Provincial furniture. Forget the stigma of neutral as another word for boring or ordinary, because when you add exquisite French-inspired pieces like an Antique White king bed and dresser to your master suite, it’s anything but boring.

Neutral tones encompass beige, cream, ivory, white, and muted browns. Grays, muted greens, and muted reds fit well into the neutral zone of color palettes. If you are more creative and feel spunky, you can even use country blues with neutral tones, depending on the French Furniture pieces you choose.


The lighting in your bedroom sets the mood. The bedroom is a place of relaxation, rest, and sleep. Lighting can be as ornate or simple as you choose. Indirect lighting is a good choice to set the mood and it blends great with a Rococo French Corbeille Bed upholstered in luxurious black velvet.

Refrain from using bright lighting in the bedroom. Save that for the living room, kitchen, and bathroom where more light is often needed. If you prefer natural light, be careful about the placement of your Rococo bed as natural lighting can cause fading.

Soft Accents

The accent pieces you use in your bedroom will affect the overall mood and blending of French Provincial and Modern Furniture. Fleur-de-lis, bees, roses (anything floral), baskets, crowns, and other French-look motifs make blending your modern furnishings with French-inspired furnishings like a Gold Leaf Mahogany Rococo bed.

Feel free to mix and match neutral, pastel, and bright tones for your bedroom accents. You are only limited by your own imagination when you are adding accent pieces.

Wire & Wicker

If you’re looking for extra ideas for accent pieces, wire and/or wicker baskets are popular. They add a vintage look to otherwise modern interior décor that fits in with French Furniture.

You can paint them, leave them natural, or stencil them to your heart’s content. One in the bedroom to store items or to showcase trinkets suits the French décor ideal well. Hand Carved furniture from Classic Direct and wire or wicker go well together.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Eclectic

It’s perfectly fine, and even creative to be as eclectic as you want with French beds and interior décor. Stick to muted, soft, and neutral tones for the central pieces in the bedroom. What you do with accent pieces is up to you, just try to avoid getting too bold with overly bright colours.

Before you Buy Victorian Furniture from Classic Direct, consider how ornate French furniture is and refrain from overwhelming these majestic pieces. You don’t want anything to overtake your beautiful furniture.

Use these 5 ways to combine French Furniture in a modern home and you will be happy with the results you achieve. When you are ready to Buy French Furniture from Classic Direct, we can organise delivery to you in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania, and rural Australia.