Furniture is one of the elements of interior decor that makes the biggest statement in your bedroom. Your choice of furniture styles in the bedroom sets the mood and is a reflection of you and your personal style. French Furniture designs from Classic Direct in Sydney, show that you have great taste in quaint, antique, rustic, and beautiful home furnishings. French Provincial furniture is beautiful and elegant. What inspired French Provincial designed furniture? French Furniture Manufacturer


What is French-Inspired Furniture?

The inspiration for French Provincial came from country areas of Provence, France where quality hardwood timber was readily available and cheaper during the 18th century. The unique character of this inspired furniture style incorporates large as well as detailed and intricate patterns. When you're looking at this style of furniture for your bedroom, the first place to start is the bed itself. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Once you choose a bed, the rest falls into place.

What is Rococo-Inspired Furniture?

The Rococo Period is also known as Late Baroque. The 18th century was bursting with artistic styles, incorporating ornate designs with light colours and asymmetrical designs and curves. The patterns emulate sculptures of baskets with fruits or flowers that were popular in that era.

French Bed

How do you choose a bed?


Size matters when selecting a bed. Small bedrooms work best with a single or king-single bed, while larger bedrooms and master bedrooms are suitable for double, queen, or king sized beds.


The French Provincial design features beautifully hand-carved furniture with delicate, yet detailed curves and patterns from the elegant 18th century.

Rococo style designs are bigger and bolder. The French Corbeille Bed, for example, is inspired by the designs during the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI.

Surface color:

Just like with other styles of beds, the color you choose is important. Classic Direct French Furniture features gold, silver, antique white, and black with black velvet.

Why French Furniture?

French furniture is for people who don't want boring, ordinary furnishings. The patterns and patinas like Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Antique White, or Black Velvet. French-inspired beds

A French Provincial Antique Collection bed made from mahogany wood in Louis XV style features elegant feminine curves with an antique white finish and adds a touch of class to your bedroom.

If you’re in the market to Buy Rococo Furniture, Corbeille Bed features elegant details, stunning feminine curves, and looks beautiful in a master bedroom.

Two other stunning Rococo beds feature silver leaf or gold leaf with intricate, elegant antiqued patina over mahogany wood and gorgeously detailed French Provincial and Baroque Era inspired patterns.

All these beds will fit into your French-themed bedroom décor. Don’t forget the matching bedside tables, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 drawer chests, dressers, mirrors, and bookcases when you Buy French Furniture that will complement your elegant bedroom.

Quality is an important factor to consider when you Buy Victorian Furniture for your bedroom. You want to make sure you’re getting top quality at a fair price. Keeping your eyes open for the best values in French Furniture with Classic Direct designs will help you make good choices.

Classic Direct Furniture can organise delivery of beautiful French Furniture styles to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania and rural Australia areas.